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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We aim to be the go-to source for Millennial and GenZ parents seeking personal finance information made simple and easy to understand, so you can share valuable lessons with your children! 

The information provided on this site, coupled with our Common Cents box, ensures you’ll have a plethora of tools and content to make learning about personal finance fun and interactive! We designed the content to keep your kids engaged, while building a solid foundation of knowledge that will adequately prepare them to be financially savvy, disciplined young adults ready to conquer any financial quandary that may come their way!


Why Common Cents?


When it comes to personal finance, common sense is not so common. In fact, Millennials’ personal debt has accumulated more quickly than any preceding generation. As parents, we need to recognize many of us are not equipped to teach healthy financial habits, because we do not practice them ourselves. 

For many, credit cards have eliminated the idea of scarcity, so we swipe impulsively, spending far more than we earn or save. We borrow more for higher education and cars than our parents' generation. Unsurprisingly, excessive debt contributes to a host of ailments and stressors that prevent many of us from living pleasant, balanced lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether this stems from the lack of education from our own parents, or the shortcomings of a poor education system, it’s clear that the debt cycle needs to be broken. That begins with us! We can rectify the shortcomings in our own personal financial journeys, while educating our kids in the process. Common Cents is here to make this easy!

Ca$hing in on change,

The Common Cents Community

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