Goodbye Allowance, Hello Slice!

Disclaimer, this is written by a pro-chores mom

Let’s face it, chores are boring. At least most chores are. So (in my humble opinion) is the word ALLOWANCE. Allowance sounds like allowed, which sounds like rules, and who wants more rules? Chores, allowance, rules, ugh…

In an effort to spice up our kids’ relationship with chores, money and discipline, our family recently made a collective decision to stop using the word “allowance” and begin using the word “slice” instead. Although this may sound like mere semantics to some, and simply silly to others, hear me out.

When I hear the term allowance, I hear a sitcom mom version of myself, in my most annoying mom voice chiding, “If you finish your chores, you’ll be ALLOWED to collect the money I agreed to pay you for your domestic duties.”  That imagery is the ultimate fun sucker. I don’t want to be a fun sucker.

Instead, to inspire a bit of pep in my kids’ step, I got creative. In addition to jingles, raps and choreographed dance numbers (See below, and read in the tune of a Will Smith 90s rap. Fresh, I know), I created a whole new vocabulary (personal finance speak if you will) for our family. We no longer pay an allowance, we pay a slice. Now my kids get excited about money, because they know when Monday (payday in our house) comes around they get their slice.


This is a story all about how our life got turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell y'all about our family’s personal finance affair 


We didn’t stop at allowance either! We came up with several new words to replace the old boring personal finance terms no one likes. Our replacements look like this:


  • Allowance --> Slice

  • Chores --> Funnies (like the Sunday Funnies, chores are something we do each week)

  • Budget --> Bankroll 

It took a bit of practice to remember to use the new vocabulary instead of the standard words, but within a few weeks most of us got the hang of it! To help us remember the new words, the kids made colorful posters we hung up on the fridge illustrating the new noun and its definition. This is an easy activity you can do with your kids at home to help engage them in the transition. Let us know which words your family chooses in the comments below!

Ca$hing in on change, 

Common Cents Crew

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