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box designed to make learning about personal finance fun and interactive!

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Money lessons for kids delivered straight to your door. 

Each month, a new personal finance concept is introduced through sensory and play-based activities designed for kids three to seven.





Common Cents delivered in a purposeful sequence.

Financial literacy begins as early as three!

 Get started with our Intro box and spark kid's interest in healthy financial habits! 

What's Inside?

Parent play book designed with tips, guidelines and instructions to empower you as a fun, knowledgeable money teaching expert!


Child activity book complete with stories, puzzles, coloring sheets and educational activities guaranteed to keep kids engaged and excited to learn about personal finance!

Life size money map that ties all 12 educational boxes and monthly learning objectives together! This map doubles as a giant coloring book page and kids can track their progress with stickers as they complete activities along their finance journey. 

3-5 hands-on activities per box that include at least one sensory, cognitive and play activity respectively. Activities can be used over and over again for never-ending finance fun! 

The best part? All items and materials included,
no additional resources necessary!

In 12 months the Common Cents learning system covers:






Child Friendly Money Lessons

Core Financial Principles

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The Common Cents Box is delivered full of fun straight to your door!

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Promote healthy financial habits through our themed adventure and guided play activities!

Is the Common Cents Box right for my kid?

Learning systems for two age groups

Penny Box (3-4)

Nickel Box (5-7)
Coming Soon!

Breathe, grown ups! You don't need to be a financial guru to teach kids about money management

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